Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Group
   Department of Civil Engineering,City College
    The City University of New York


Group Research Teaching Activity

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The CFD Group at the Department of Civil Engineering at The City College of New York is led by Professor Hansong Tang, and works on topics including numerical modeling of coastal/ocean flows, environmental flows, and other problems. The NJ Department of Transportation, University Transportation Research Center, CUNY Research Foundation, NOAA, and NSF are among the group's sponsors.

Pictured (from left to right):

James Polly, Ph.D. Student

Deng Bin, Visiting Ph.D. Student

Ke Qu, Ph.D. Student

Hansong Tang

Simon Kraatz, M.S. Student

Xiuzhi Chen, Visiting Ph.D. Student

Not Pictured, or Past Members:

Jingyu Wang, Visiting Ph.D. Student

Che Ngufor, Ph.D. Student

Mingquan Feng, Visiting Professor

Xiuguang Wu, Visiting Scholar

Wenlong Cheng, Research Associate

Hang Li, MS Student

Lizhu Zhang, Visiting Scholar

Research Opportunity and Hiring